Quad killer!

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About a week or so back now Davin and I put together a program for me to follow. It is going to be a 4 day split Pull/Push working on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. After doing the research and talking with Davin this works best with both out schedules and is a very good way to train. We work the days between pull and pushing movements.

Today was a push day and let me tell you my quads are going to be killing me over the next few days. So it started off with some overhead press when I hit a PR on of 165. One of the beautiful things about being new to all this the rapid progress you can make. It really makes it much easier to stick with when you see results. So anyway we moved on from there to some squats. Last week we got to 165 for 4 if I remember correctly and today I was able to do 195 for 4. This was not the quad killer I am talking about though.

After the squats Davin had me do reverse tread push on the treadmill. For those that do not know what a reverse tread push is you start with your back to the control area of the treadmill facing backwards. You then crouch down and begin pushing the treadmill with your legs. This is pretty much a quad exercise and you will feel it shortly after starting.

So there I am after only 30 seconds of reverse tread push barely able to stand when Davin tells me to get on the leg press machine right away. I immediately know I am about to hate my life. I do not even remember what weight we used on the leg press but I remember after finishing that it felt like my quads were going to bust right out of the skin. We did this for three sets going up to 45 seconds on the reverse tread push and adding more weight to the leg press. In all my time working out I have never felt the burn like I did today.

After each tread push/leg press combo I did some reps of calf raises on the leg press. We followed these three sets up with three sets each of lateral raises, front raises, and skull crushers. I just hope that tomorrow I will be able to stand and walk without needing someone for some assistance.

The feeling after a good workout is second to none. You feel like you accomplished something and are in a bit of euphoria. So please do yourself a favor find some physical activity you love to do and do it. Do not let the past excuses hold you back. You will not regret it.

And as always…

Keep striving for a stronger life.


Most of my life I have struggled with my weight. I have tried many different programs but none ever worked. That is until now. I started weight training for the first time in my life and fell in love with it. Join me on my journey to a stronger life.
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