On the road again.

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I am back. About three weeks ago now I was given the all clear to resume normal lifting from my doctor. I could not be happier. The first back to being able to squat I was excited that I was going to be able to continue progressing and also scared because I knew what my quads were going to feel like over the next few days. That is one of the worst feeling in the world knowing that you are going to be so sore its going to be hard to move. The sad part is since I had been out for so long we only did 135 on the squat and for the next fours days my quads were killing me. I have a job that required getting in and out of a car most of the day and I knew it was going to be painful. Every time I had to get out of the car I had to brace myself for the inevitable pain.  But while it hurt it was a great feeling at the same time.

Since the injury I have put 40 pounds onto my squat and 30 pounds onto my deadlift in a short time. Its nice to be hitting PR’s every week like I should be.

One thing I have learned is that having a fit life requires that you look at your goals as a marathon and not a sprint. There is no get fit in 90 days and be done with it. If there was I am sure there would be a lot more fit people in the United States. I have fallen for the get fit quick programs and for those that have read my blog you know that they never worked for me. Someone might say that program “X” was great for them…well more power to them but it is not for me. It took me years to look at my goals in the span of years and not weeks. Once I did things have gotten much easier.  I do not get discouraged by a bad workout or an injury. Stuff will happen…its called life and you have to roll with the punches.

Regardless of how many people ever end up reading this blog at least I will have something to look back on and reflect. I am not sure who said it but as they say “You can’t know where you are going until you know where you have been.” Don’t let small bumps on the road stop you from getting to your destination.

And as always…

Keep striving for a stronger life.




Most of my life I have struggled with my weight. I have tried many different programs but none ever worked. That is until now. I started weight training for the first time in my life and fell in love with it. Join me on my journey to a stronger life.
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