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“What are your goals.” This was one of the first questions Mike, a co-owner of UFit, asked me the first day I met him.  My first response was to lose weight. I wanted to go from 316 to at least 200 pounds.  I knew this was going to take a long time but I was willing to put in the effort. I think a lot of people, myself included, when starting a exercise program start out with that same goal. I think losing weight is a great goal but let me tell you it is not the end all be all that some people might think.

Every month at UFit we get measured to see what our progress is. One individual that I know has been working out for the last month with little to no weight loss. They were very discouraged and probably close to giving up like many of us would be. Then comes measurement day. While they had not lost any weight they still lost inches where it matters most. The look on that person’s face was priceless, all that hard work had paid off.

Now of course at my weight losing weight is not something that ends up being very hard. Davin and I have spoken many times that there is will come a day when it is going to be very hard to keep losing weight. We talked that while I might not lose weight I should still be able to lose and add inches where it matters. I have been more surprised by the transformation of my measurements than I have by my weight loss.

So if you happen to have the goal of just losing weight I highly encourage you to find a way to keep track of your measurements. The last thing anyone on a fitness journey needs is a reason to quit.

Well without further ado here are my results over the last four months!

Weight – Chest – Abs – Waist – Hips – Thighs

2/16/16 – 316.0 – 54.5 – 58 – 51.5 – 52.5 – 26

3/26/16 – 303.8 – 53.5 – 54.5 – 51.5 – 51.5 – 26

4/21/16 – 298.1 – 52 – 53.5 – 50 – 49.5 – 26.5

5/20/16 – 290.9 – 50 – 50 – 49.5 – 48.75 – 27

6/17/16 – 279.0 – 49.5 – 48.5 – 47.5 – 49 – 27

Even though I am close to 40 pounds down the more impressive numbers to be are my body measurements. I have lost almost 10 inches around my abs alone! I was shocked when I looked at the results all together. I never thought I would be able to get results like this. I have even gained enough muscle around my quads to add an inch there. Prior to starting this journey I was on the cusp of needing to get 4x shirts…actually I probably should have. Now I can get into some 2x shirts again. Every time I look at these number I can not wait to see where I will be a year from now.

I am healthier and more fit then I have been in years. I do not ache when simply getting out a chair or have to make a weird grunting noise. I can not be heard breathing across a room anymore. I do not look at a flight of stairs with the same dread as I once did. I do not feel out of breath performing menial tasks. These are the true goals of a stronger life. Do your best, find what you love, and as always…

Keep striving for a stronger life!



Most of my life I have struggled with my weight. I have tried many different programs but none ever worked. That is until now. I started weight training for the first time in my life and fell in love with it. Join me on my journey to a stronger life.
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