Training around an injury

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Hello all. For anyone that has been following this blog you should be aware that I recently was diagnosed with a perianal abscess. On June 11th I had surgery to drain the abscess. Everything went well but since it was an emergency surgery I did not know anything about my recovery since I had not had a chance to talk with the Doctor.
I knew prior to going in that there would be a good chance that I would be too drug up to remember anything she would tel me about my recovery time. So I asked my wife to ask her about lifting which she did. It turns out that I can not do anything that will cause a lot of stress to the glute area of my body. This was not good news at all. That pretty much eliminated every lower body weight lifting exercise that I could possible do.


This was a major disappointment as due to the pain with the abscess I had not been able to do a lot of lower body work anyway. I was not even sure that I would be able to bench any heavy weight. So fast forward to Friday the 17th and I am finally feeling good enough to try a workout. This is one of my regular scheduled days with my personal trainer.

By the way in past blog I have referred to my trainer as just “D” as I did not have his permission but I remembered to ask him for permission today so from now on he will be listed by name which is Davin Greenwell.

Ok back on topic. I head into UFit to meet with Davin for my training day. This is where it pays off to have a trainer that knows what the heck they are doing. We talk for about 10 minutes on just the topic of my injury and possible limitations. After hearing about all that is going on we start out with some seated overhead dumbbell presses. We did this seated instead of standing to eliminate the normal lower body component of the overhead press. Normally we do an overhead barbell push press which engages the lower body including the glutes. I also managed to hit a PR for this particular exercise today of 40 pounds per hand.
We did super sets working an opposite muscle group to allow the first to rest. When we did anything that could cause some strain on the posterior area we went with a lower weight and high rep range. At the end of the workout I felt great. Things were right in the world again.

I had walked into that Gym feeling disappointed and upset that I had already missed a week of training. To top it off the last two weeks I have not been able to lift as often as I have wanted to because of this injury. After sitting at home for a week I was scared that I would regress into the lazy person I used to be. I needed to get back into the gym and lift some weights. I was fiending for it like an addict.

I wrote about intrinsic motivation a little while ago and this just reinforced my belief that I was a changed person. I could not stand the thought of not working out for a week. Thanks to Davin I was able to still get in a good workout without risking further injury. I am hoping next week the doctor releases me to start working my lower body because I plan to get in a lot of squats.

This brings me to the main point of this blog. You can train with an injury! You just need to be smarter than the injury. If you do not feel confident setting up your own routine than please contact a personal trainer that knows that they are doing and let them help you so that you can be back on the road to a stronger life.
And as always….
Keep striving for a stronger life. 

Most of my life I have struggled with my weight. I have tried many different programs but none ever worked. That is until now. I started weight training for the first time in my life and fell in love with it. Join me on my journey to a stronger life.
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