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If you are anything like me than you probably stopped and started more training programs than you can count. The earliest one I remember doing was Tae Bo….do not let that be a reflection on my age. So after doing so many programs and nothing working you have to be extremely frustrated. I know I was. So one day my wife and I are talking about my health and she asks if I ever thought about getting a personal trainer. I pause for a minute thinking about it and realized that I have but always thought it would be too expensive. So I immediately think about the LA Fitness just down the road. So the next day I drive to LA Fitness and sign back up…I had been a member before for a year and used it about six times. While talking with sale rep I express interested in a trainer and I am introduced to “L”. I am just using a letter as I am sure she will come up in a later post. So I schedule an appointment to do an assessment with “L” in about three days.

After I leave I get to thinking that maybe I should actually do a little research before plopping down a large amount of money on this. So I go online and look up LA Fitness personal trainer reviews. To say they  were unflattering would be an understatement. I then cracked my knuckle got my “Google Fu” working and started looking up personal trainers in my area. Immediately the number of choices is astounding. It looks like everyone and their brother is a personal trainer. This made me think long and hard about how to narrow down my choice.

The first thing I thought of was location. I knew that at that point in my life I needed something close to home or I would never go. If I had to commute and hour each way I would be making all sorts of excuses not to go train. So I picked placed within 15 minutes of my house. This narrows it down to about 10 in my area. Going down the list I start clicking on websites. For about the first four I notice the same think…pretty people in really good shape working out. This made me feel intimated as the last thing I wanted was to be the only slow fat kid in class.

Then it happens click number five and I come across UFit. The first thing I notice is that every single photo is people of all different shapes and sizes. Older people…younger people…people that look like they are just trying to live a little healthier life. I click through the page further and am liking what I see. So I contact the owner Mike. I set up an appointment for an assessment.

The day of my assessment I go in and I am greeted at the door with a smile and firm handshake. I am given a short speech about what the goals are at Ufit and how their classes and programs work. I am really impressed at this point and decided that I want to give it a try so I sign up. Mike then introduces me to “D” who is that man that helps to begin my transformation. When I meet “D” I sit down and talk with him for about 20 minutes. Besides being in phenomenal shape “D” is very smart.

I work with “D” over the next few weeks and I have learned more about human anatomy and exercise science then I ever did during all of high school or college. It is very easy to simply put together a routine that will make people tired and feel like they are accomplishing something it is another thing to start creating a program to make someone successful in their fitness goals. At Ufit they do not expect you to be a life long member. They are going to teach you how to be self sustaining.

So to make a long story short my advise for those looking for a trainer would be to first set yourself up for success. Think of all the excuses you have used in the past and solve those issues. Next find somewhere that regularly work with people at your fitness level. There is nothing more disheartening then going to work out and feeling like an outcast. Find a trainer whose goal is not to create a steady paycheck but to make sure that you are capable of training yourself when you are done. Lastly for anyone who is a trainer do not just post pics of the pretty inshape people on your wesite. Post the pics with your average Joe working toward their stronger life.


Most of my life I have struggled with my weight. I have tried many different programs but none ever worked. That is until now. I started weight training for the first time in my life and fell in love with it. Join me on my journey to a stronger life.
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